Korean Cuisine Korean cuisine relies heavily on sea food, due to the location of the country as Korea is situated on a peninsula where seafood is in plentiful supply. However, it is not solely fish that is a big part of Korean cuisine, meats such as pork, chicken and beef are used in a lot of their recipes.
Preserving Foods
In Korean cuisine it is traditional for them to preserve a lot of the food that is used in their recipes, and the pickling of foods is a useful way of preserving foods, whilst at the same time giving them an interesting and strong flavor. Another method of preserving food that is popular in Korea is fermenting. One of the most popular fermented dishes served in Korea is Kimchi, which is a fermented cabbage that is served with a lot of spices, and there are also a lot of other variations of Kimchi, which are made with scallions, cucumbers and radishes.
Korean Food in Restaurants
It is common for Korean restaurants to offer a large number of side dishes, and it is not unusual to be served as many as 8 different dishes before you get the chance to order from the menu. These side dishes are usually served to the customer in a small bowl not too dissimilar to a ramekin, and some of these dishes include bean sprouts, soup, salad and seaweed.

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Rice is a big part of Korean cuisine and it is served with most dishes and at least once with every meal. As well as being used as a savory dish, in Korea rice is also an important ingredient in many desserts too including cake.
The recipes used in Korea are famous for their amazing flavors, and garlic is one common ingredient that is used a lot in Korean cooking alongside soy sauce and sesame oil. Chili paste is another important flavor giving ingredient used by many Korean cooks, along with other popular ingredients such as scallions, sesame seeds and ginger, and it is all of these ingredients combined together that gives Korean food its distinct spicy flavors.
When it comes to drinks, rice wine and tea are among the most popular choices with the Korean public. Rice wine is by far the most popular and can be served cold or warm, but it does not taste like grape wine, and it can be a bit of an acquired taste to lots of people.